Life Beyond Addiction - Christopher Sullivan

By SMART Recovery Australia on

Hello! My name is Christopher Sullivan and I am recovering from my father’s alcoholism. The countless nights of grief and regret, of feeling like I could have prevented my father’s passing if I was more knowledgeable on addiction, led me to seek help from SMART recovery. SMART is helping me to fully understand what he was going through and discover ways in which I can help those who are experiencing what he went through. What was once complete ignorance on the topic of addiction, is now a sense of understanding and acceptance. I still have a ways to go in terms of learning about addiction and recovery, but I just know SMART will guide me through my life beyond my father’s addiction.

Please note: although SMART actively seeks to refrain from using labels like “addict” and “alcoholic,” we recognize that when others describe their experience they may choose to do so. Thank you for understanding.