Recovery Story - Bob

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Decades of self-medicating my anxiety and depression created a spiral of physical and mental health issues which led me to making an attempt on my own life on the 16th of March, 2015.

Recovering in hospital, despite feeling unworthy of saving, I decided I would invest in myself and do the necessary things to keep myself alive. I had been utterly destroyed but I was now in the unique position to be able to rebuild myself from scratch.

I made the decision to try sobriety.

Four weeks in hospital and off alcohol led to a reduction in my weight from 100kg to 95kg. When I left the hospital, I decided on a goal weight of 75kg as a way of dealing with low self-esteem.

By the 11th of July, 2015, I reached that goal. This was through a combination...

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Recovery Story - Tallulah

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What do you want to be when you grow up? Where do you see yourself at 40+?

“Oh, I want my life to be in tatters with my husband about to leave me and take our children because I have become an alcoholic”, … said no one EVER!!

When I was asked by the amazing team at SMART Recovery Australia to write about my journey to sobriety, I thought it would be simple. It turns out it is not, and procrastination (which I have been mastering and refining over the years, in alignment with my building addictions) helped me to find every excuse in the book to avoid it.

Well, 2020 is well and truly over and the anniversary of my first ‘real’ year of sobriety has passed, so I can no longer find a reason to avoid it.

This life is not what one dreams of...
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Recovery Story - Matt

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This story originally appeared in The Courier Newspaper on February 21, 2021

At the height of his reliance on alcohol, Matt Woodley became a master of hiding his drinking.

Cooking sherry became his alcohol of choice because it was easy to access and it was unlikely his wife Anoushka would check whether it was being consumed at a fast rate.

“There would always be a bottle in the cupboard and nobody monitors it,” Mr Woodley said.

His reliance on alcohol crept up on him in his early 30s after he stopped smoking cannabis.

Mr Woodley, who lives in Ballarat, said he took every opportunity when home alone to become intoxicated.

“If my wife started work and left at 6am that’s when I would start drinking.”

Mr Woodley, 47, said in addition to...

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Recovery Story - Nick

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[The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of SMART Recovery Australia.]


You know that feeling when you wake up after yet another ‘slip-up’, smothered in guilt and anxiety, swearing that you will never do it again? Then, a week later you’re at it again…?

Or, that feeling when you are presented with the two narrowest of options: give up everything you care about forever, or continue down the path you’re currently on – neither of which seem remotely sustainable…?

I’ve been there.

To hell and back.

To the same place you might be in now, and may have been many times.

Luckily, there is another way.

This story is for anyone who has ever tried to either quit alcohol and/or other...

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Recovery Story - A

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[The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of SMART Recovery Australia.]

I can’t remember exactly when I first made contact with SMART Recovery but it was a few years ago. I heard about it through my psychologist who was a SMART facilitator. I got that feeling you get when someone tells you about something they really believe in so I wanted to find out more.

Backing up a little … I guess I have always had a problematic relationship with alcohol. From my late teens I identified as someone who liked a drink but I also realised that my drinking had negative consequences that I didn’t like.

Many years before I reached out to SMART, my life had taken on an inverse relationship to alcohol. It...

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Life Beyond Addiction - Christopher Sullivan

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Hello! My name is Christopher Sullivan and I am recovering from my father’s alcoholism. The countless nights of grief and regret, of feeling like I could have prevented my father’s passing if I was more knowledgeable on addiction, led me to seek help from SMART recovery. SMART is helping me to fully understand what he was going through and discover ways in which I can help those who are experiencing what he went through. What was once complete ignorance on the topic of addiction, is now a sense of understanding and acceptance. I still have a ways to go in terms of learning about addiction and recovery, but I just know SMART will guide me through my life beyond my father’s addiction.

Please note: although SMART actively seeks to refrain...

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